Buy To Let Purchase Plan

The customer and Bank purchase the buy to let property together; over time the customer acquires the Bank's share, paying rent on the portion they do not yet own.

Buy To let Purchase Plans (BTLPP) use the Islamic finance principles of Co-ownership (Diminishing Musharaka) with Leasing (Ijara), where the customer and Bank buy the property as partners.

The customer acquires Al Rayan Bank's share in the property by paying a monthly acquisition payment over the term of the finance agreement, or by making a lump-sum acquisition payment at the end of the finance term, if you choose the rent only product.

Discounted variable Fixed Finance to value (FTV)  
3.69%* 3.49%* 65% Find out more
3.99%* 3.89%* 75% Find out more

 * Promotional rental rate. Al Rayan Bank reserves the right to withdraw the promotional rental rate at any time.

Intermediaries can find out more by accessing Al Rayan Bank’s dedicated intermediary support service, which can be contacted on 0800 694 7238.  Upon registration, Intermediaries will be able to introduce business to Al Rayan Bank by referral, i.e. the provision of customer contact details.

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