Sheikh Nizam Muhammed Saleh Yaqoobi

NIZAM MOHAMMED SALEH YAQUBYSheikh Nizam is a member of a number of Sharia supervisory boards including the Dow Jones Islamic Index, Bahrain Islamic Bank and the Citi Islamic Investment Bank. He is also a member of the AAOIFI Sharia Board and has been a visiting lecturer at Harvard University. 

He studied Economics & Comparative Religion in Montreal and was educated in Traditional Islamic Studies under the guidance of eminent scholars including Shaikh Abdulla al-Farisi, Shaikh Yusuf al-Siddiqi, Shaikh Muhammed Saleh al-Abbasi, Shaikh Muhhamed Yasin al Fadani (Makkah), Shaikh Habib-ur-Rahman A. Zaini (India) and Shaikh Abdulla bin Al-Siddiq Al-Ghumar (Morocco).

Sheikh Nizam has a wealth of experience of Islamic finance and sits on the Sharia boards of many major Islamic banks.